No More Preschool

This is it! The end of the school summer term. The end of our academic year. And the end of an era for my little girl, and for me. No more preschool. In September, I will take both my daughters to primary school, and life will never be the same again. They are no longer babies. There will be no more pushchair, no more nappies, and I will only have to do one school run, five days per week. My routine will be different. I will be different.

Georgina Preschooler SpookyMrsGreen

We have reached our limit for now. My children and I are exhausted, as are many other families all over the UK and beyond. I never appreciated before just how tiring it is to do the school run every day, never mind being a teacher or a pupil. It was different when I was a child, of course. I don’t really remember it. But I have huge respect for our teachers, all of them, and the school staff. Well done for working in such a demanding and responsible environment, and for still putting up with the associated aggravations that come with the job. Have a great summer everyone. We all deserve it!


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4 Responses to No More Preschool

  1. scskillman says:

    It’s such a big moment when your youngest child moves on from preschool to primary school. I remember when my son made that transition, when he and the other children in his nursery were introduced to their lovely teacher who would be looking after them in their primary class. Even now, I can’t believe that my daughter is no longer in education and is how working and earning money. It seems unreal that we don’t have to worry any more about her time management over educational projects, assessment work and revision for exams! My son is still at college, and that big transition to the world of full-time paid work is still a year away. Enjoy your transition to this new era of your life. It will make a big difference to you, there’s no doubt about that.

  2. Wow! A Big Moment! Time goes so fast; you turn around, it’s passed… They’ll be bringing boys home before you know it!

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