#365DaysofTarot – Making Sense of Manchester

Last week I turned to the Tarot for support in the wake of the attack on my beloved city, Manchester. It might sound trite for me to talk about being upset about a bunch of people that I didn’t personally know, and a place that I don’t live in anymore. But it really did upset me, mostly because it was the closest to home that these attacks have hit, and that made it terrifyingly real.

Anyway, I called on the Inner Child Tarot cards, the Fairy-tale Tarot, for guidance and a message of hope. I hope that it helps all who are grieving for their own life traumas and who happen to read this.

Image of Tarot cards from Inner Child Tarot; the Fairy-tale Tarot for #365daysoftarot challenge on SpookyMrsGreen.com pagan lifestyle blog.

#365DaysofTarot – A Message of hope for the people of Manchester

1, Five of Hearts – Behold the Divine light radiating from this golden star. Your Higher Self understands why this tragedy happened. Their souls are free now. Welcome the comfort and divine guidance as humankind transitions once again.

2, Four of Hearts – Your heart is broken and you feel lost, alone and devastated. Everyone is devastated. But out of despair comes love from other people. The community has come together. Your wounds will heal, and while they will leave scars, you will find a reason to smile again.

3, Seeker of Wands – Dorothy and her magic shoes. Those children and adults were not lost in the explosion. They were liberated from their physical bodies, and are now free to journey far. You may experience this freedom through meditation, for your work on Earth is not yet finished.

4, Guide of Crystals – St.Nicholas. He has appeared to offer support and kindness to the lost children. He will take care of them now, in the spirit world. For now, all we humans can do is grieve, pick up the pieces, and keep offering love and compassion to others, and to ourselves.

5, Ten of Swords – This was your lesson, and it hurts. But you realise that collectively, people are reacting to the events with pure love and support. The condemnation that we saw in previous years is not accepted. We move forward with love, and we do not fear them.

Image of Tarot cards from Inner Child Tarot; the Fairy-tale Tarot for #365daysoftarot challenge on SpookyMrsGreen.com pagan lifestyle blog.

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1 Response to #365DaysofTarot – Making Sense of Manchester

  1. The ability to snuff out innocent lives like this demands a streak of evil and lack of feeling that defies and makes a mockery of reason. And I wonder if the ignorant bigots who blame the entire Muslim world for all such events noticed the dreadful bombing in Kabul today that, last time I heard, had killed 80 and injured many hundreds.

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