My Spiritual Journey: Reiki and Distance Healing

At this stage in my spiritual journey, I am exploring the possibilities of distance healing with reiki. Last week I completed part two of the classroom training for Reiki 2nd Degree, Okuden. Now I must take time to complete the coursework element. This involves recording the results of self-healing sessions, hands-on healing sessions with other people, and distance healing sessions. I am excited to get started, but at the same time I don’t want to rush this very sensitive and magical process.

Enchanted Woodland Path SpookyMrsGreen

I have worked with energy for over ten years now. My first proper explorations would have been my interactions with a practising witch when I was in my early twenties. Back then I admit I was a little sceptical when he demonstrated some of what he did. My upbringing was one where we were encouraged to accept things as they were, and not necessarily seek out the mysterious forces and hidden parts of our lives. Eventually I couldn’t ignore the urge to explore, and I finally accepted magic and mystery. It is a part of me, as it is a part of all of us, this mystical energy force that we call life.

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Anyway, reiki healing was something else. I avoided it even after my sister did her training and excitedly tried to introduce me to it. I wasn’t ready. Now I am. I have already explored distance healing under the guidance of my reiki teacher, and I have performed several healing sessions on family and friends. They all reported back positively, and even I was surprised to be honest, because I am still accepting my place as a conductor for reiki energy healing. I feel the energy, no doubt about it. Now I want to share it with other people. Do you want some distance healing?

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