My #GoodEgg Nomination for Easter

I was invited to participate in the #GoodEgg campaign with Co-Op food. They asked me to think about the friends and family members that are always around to help, and for me to gift a box of chocolate eggs to say “Thank You.”

Well, I am one very lucky lady, because I couldn’t decide who to gift those chocolate eggs to! There are many friends that I would call a #GoodEgg, and similarly several family members also. I decided in the end to offer the gift to my close circle of friends locally. One of them hosted an Easter egg hunt and afternoon party for a group of us with our children, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to share my #GoodEgg gift.

#GoodEgg Middlewich Lovely Ladies SpookyMrsGreen

Each of us is a #GoodEgg!

Middlewich Lovely Ladies – thank you for being there through all our parenting and domestic challenges. Each and every one of you is a #GoodEgg!

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