My Victorian Home

I love old houses. My current home was built in 1896 and we think the terraced houses in our row would have housed workers from the local railway. The train track is literally at the end of our cul-de-sac, but we rarely hear the trains because it is used as a freight line. Anyway, when we move, my husband and I would prefer another old house. Trouble is, they are often either too expensive, or the ones within our price range are the same size as our house and therefore unsuitable for a growing family.

SpookyMrsGreen Unkempt Home

There’s no room in this house!

My life is dominated by house plans at the moment, since a few close family members are either in the process of purchasing a house, or renovating a current one. In the meantime, my husband and I are still looking in our home town. We settled for houses that were built between the late sixties and mid-eighties, since those are still generous with garden size and bedrooms. It is a tricky process finding the ideal family home within budget these days. I am the first of the Millennial generation, along with my husband, and our finances have never been the best since we left high school.

My Victorian Home SpookyMrsGreen

My First Home! 

Well, it is a challenge, and we are doing the best we can. This week my mission is to continue trying to make my current home as neat as I can in order to put it up for sale… let’s see how that works out when I have the children home for school holidays!

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2 Responses to My Victorian Home

  1. Well, all the very best with all of that. The advantages of older properties, I think, are often character and storage space, but unless you can afford to spend some serious £ (or someone before you already has), it can be a constant project – one thing after another! In some ways, I envy people with newer houses where the electric, plumbing, heating, windows, roof etc are all done properly!

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