A Guide to Writing Your Own Book

I receive a lot of requests from friends and acquaintances who wish to write a book based on their life experiences, but are unsure how to proceed. Today I share a new release, Perilous Path: A Writer’s Journey by S.C. Skillman. She is an author who speaks regularly about her writing process and experiences, and who I admire a lot for her honesty about the life of independent author.

Perilous Path shares anecdotes, advice and information about the process of writing a book, whether that be a novel or a non-fiction piece. It shares experiences from published authors, and it gives motivation when all hope is lost. My copy is on order. Have you got yours yet?

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2 Responses to A Guide to Writing Your Own Book

  1. scskillman says:

    Thank you Catherine for publicising my new book “Perilous Path”. I appreciate it very much! I do hope my book will inform, encourage and uplift those thinking about writing a full length work of fiction or non-fiction from their own experiences. My daughter enjoyed reading my proof copy and said she liked the fact that under each topic I don’t “go on too much” but keep it quite simple and fairly short, and said it’s like having a guiding voice “on your shoulder”. Sounds a bit like Jiminy Cricket!

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