The Witch Loves Vampire Month

In a departure from my usual spiritual living blog post, today I introduce you to Vampire Month. This was devised by the author D.A. Lascelles, who I met at the Sandbach Author Signing Event late last year. He invited me to be a guest author for Vampire Month, and of course, I couldn’t refuse. I mean, I have a lot to say about vampires, not least the ones that appear in my contemporary English Gothic novels.


My Vampire Boyfriend by Catherine Green

It is no coincidence that I am a paranormal author. Having been fascinated by witches and ghosts from a young age, the vampires captured my imagination (and my heart) when I was a teenager. Their mysterious allure has kept me enthralled ever since, although I am now beginning to feel more of an affinity with werewolves, which is strange. Basically, if it is a supernatural creature, you can be sure that I will love it. That’s why I am the pagan housewife!

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