Ghost Hunting the Old-Fashioned Way

My Google photos app recently reminded me of my ghost hunting days, before I had children. They showed me a selection of photographs from the ghost hunt that I did at Mill Street Barracks in St. Helens, near Wigan, North West England. Ah, that was a fun ghost hunt! It was also fairly primitive when I compare it to the videos I see of today’s ghost hunters with their full spectrum cameras, special infra-red equipment, and devices that can allow spirits to speak using pre-programmed dictionaries.


Old-school ghost hunters

Back in the days when I was a semi-professional ghost hunter, working with North West Spirit Seekers, our technical equipment consisted of a collection of EMF meters, basic video cameras, thermometers and our own natural instincts. We also employed traditional methods of divination, including glass tipping, planchettes, table tipping and séances with mediums. Those were the days! Here is an account of my ghost hunt investigation at Mill Street Barracks…


Mill Street Barracks Ghost Hunt

“This was my second visit to Mill Street Barracks, and was definitely more active than the first.  In the cellars, we felt the presence of at least two male energies, and they made my sister Emily very uneasy.  She felt that we were unwelcome down there.  Ours was an all-female group, and by using dowsing rods we spoke to a man who had previously been involved in secret talks, possibly strategy negotiation.  He basically said we weren’t welcome in the cellar; he had no use for us, so please leave the area!


Haunted cellar Mill Street Barracks


Upstairs in the training room we had a similar experience.  I sensed two men watching us from the balconies but they wouldn’t speak.  When I joked that maybe it was because we were women and what if we offered them food, the dowsing rods suddenly jumped to life and began swinging around very quickly!  They had been held loosely in the hands of one of the women in our group and she was very surprised at their strength.

Later we were upstairs using a planchette on a table and were trying to speak to a young man we knew was there.  Eventually he responded when one of our group mentioned using Morse code.  He lifted the planchette up and down on and off the surface of the table, and I got a photograph of a very distinct orb underneath the table at the same time.


Orb under table Mill Street Barracks

I came away from Mill Street Barracks with the satisfaction of a good and active investigation, and would certainly like to visit the place again and see if I can persuade some of the male spirits to actually speak to us!”

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  1. craigjolley says:

    I can remember the hunt at Alton Towers. Was great fun!!!

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