Spiritual Guidance from my #365DaysOfTarot Challenge

We are settling into 2017 and my #365DaysOfTarot challenge is progressing very well. I do a quick reading every day and jot down the results in my specially selected notebook. Some days I pull out just three cards and do a five-minute daily Tarot card reading. Other days I might vary it by choosing more cards and trying out a different layout, known as a Tarot card spread. I recently tried one called the CHILD Tarot card reading, and that was very interesting!


Gilded Tarot Card Reading #365DaysOfTarot

I have several decks of Tarot cards. My favourite regular deck is the Gilded Tarot. These cards are richly illustrated and very sensual, appealing to my romantic nature. My second most-used Tarot cards are the classic Universal Waite Tarot. These are brightly coloured, easy to use Tarot cards that are perfect for beginners. They still have a lot to teach me now, and I have been reading the Tarot for several years. Those two decks of Tarot cards are beginning to show signs of wear, looking nicely faded around the edges, but still full of vitality and a lot of wisdom.


Universal Waite Tarot Card Reading #365DaysOfTarot

My inspiration for the CHILD Tarot card reading came from the Inner Child Tarot Cards: A Fairy Tale Tarot. This deck consists of a set of larger than average Tarot cards, so big that I struggle to handle them. They are very beautiful, very whimsical Tarot cards, and were a gift from my younger sister. I am still learning how to work with them, because their guidance is based around classic fairy tales and creatures from mythology. They interpret traditional Tarot cards a little differently than you might expect. My CHILD Tarot card reading was quite a surprise. It was insightful and informative, and set me back on my spiritual path after a brief internal conflict between my head and my heart.


Inner Child Tarot Cards #365DaysOfTarot

Do you read Tarot cards? What decks and spreads do you prefer?

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3 Responses to Spiritual Guidance from my #365DaysOfTarot Challenge

  1. I love the idea of a Fairy Tale Tarot for the inner child! Off to check it out now…

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