The Witch with a Broken Wand

My magic wand is broken! She is still in one piece (mostly), but part of the design cracked and came away from the setting, and now I don’t know what to do. My beautiful wand came to me at a mind, body and spirit event in Greater Manchester, and we have worked together for over four years now.


I noticed a hairline crack in her carefully crafted wood sap mounting early in 2016. It was like a wobbly tooth, too tempting not to play with, only this time I knew it wouldn’t grow another one underneath. I didn’t want to use superglue on my sacred magickal tool, and yet I could find no instructions anywhere that would help me find a more plant based method. I couldn’t even find details of the company and craftspeople that made her. They seem to have vanished completely!


I kept my wand carefully resting for most of the year, taking her out to play very tentatively, and keeping her well out of reach of my curious children. As it happens, my eldest daughter has grown taller and ever more curious. It took less than five minutes for her to pick up my wand, accidentally drop it, and then – crack – off came the loose piece, complete with a tiger’s eye crystal. What can I do to repair her?


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3 Responses to The Witch with a Broken Wand

  1. ToadieOdie says:

    The only thing I can think of is pine sap but the sap I’m thinking of came from the trees in Alaska when we lived there when I was a little girl. My dad used to cut the sap off the bark and chew it like gum. It was hard, crusty, and a little bit yellow but would soften when it got warm. I’m not sure why but the bark always seemed to ooze the sap. If it got onto clothes it never came out unless you used a cleaner like Lestoil on it. I have no idea what particular breed of tree they were but I remember that they were very fragrant. I wonder if you could somehow heat the sap so it would become like a liquid to be used like a glue. If it dried after that would it harden and hold, but not soften again? I live in Maine now and I don’t see trees like that around here. Do you have trees like that where you live to experiment with the sap before using on the wand?

    • Hmm, well the people that made the wand said they used tree sap but I can’t remember what kind or where from. I live in Cheshire, England so will have to do investigation. Thanks for your advice! 😊

      • ToadieOdie says:

        I saw that in your post and for whatever reason it drew up my childhood memories of our camping trips in Alaska and how we all reacted the first time my dad did that with the sap – and how mad my mom got when we got it all over our clothes. lol I haven’t thought about that in years. ❤ Those were happy times for us so I need to thank you for that. 🙂 I do hope you find the right tree.

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