#Blogmas Pagan Inspired Gift Suggestions for Yule

This week is #UKCharityWeek, and today I share a few extra special Christmas shopping suggestions that benefit our national heritage.

I am talking about the charity organisation English Heritage, who maintain and curate many of our historic buildings and sites of cultural interest.

These include the popular pagan destination, Stonehenge, and what better gift for your pagan friends than a Stonehenge Summer Meadow Scented Candle?

Rhubarb Rhubarb Noble Isle Candle. Image courtesy of English Heritage Shop affiliate program for SpookyMrsGreen.com pagan lifestyle blog.

Pagan Inspired Gift Suggestions

Candles are a brilliant gift idea for anyone. Not only do they help light up a dark room, set a romantic and peaceful mood with their gentle glow, and clear out unpleasant smells with their fragrance, but many pagans will use them in spell work and celebration. I use candles to cleanse the energy in my home, and will choose particular colours and scents depending on what I feel is required. I love the look of these Rhubarb and Raspberry Scented Tealights  to set the mood on Christmas Day.

And how about these zesty Lime Blossom Scented Tealights? They are perfect for your New Year’s Eve party, lifting and enhancing the mood for excitement and celebration. When all the festivities are over and we need to unwind, we could try these delicate Honey Lily Scented Tealights to clear out any lingering food and alcohol smells, and soothe our tired minds as we prepare for a return to everyday life after the Christmas Holidays.

Wild Fig and Saffron Candle. Image courtesy of English Heritage Shop affiliate program for SpookyMrsGreen.com pagan lifestyle blog.

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