The Christmas List for Santa Claus

We are in the early days of #Blogmas, and today our mission is to put up the Christmas Tree and decorations at home. I have spent the week tidying and cleaning in preparation, as you do. Anyway, we seem to be progressing quite well with our festive plans, considering we are only just into December.


My daughters have already visited Santa Claus to make their requests for gifts. They both showed great restraint and only asked him for one toy each. My eldest daughter, who is almost 6, asked for a pink Vtech DigiGo. This is a mobile phone style toy, where you can download Vtech approved apps, and set up a messaging service between the DigiGo phone, and other android phones. My daughter saw it advertised on TV, and this is all she wants. Well, at least for now!


Our younger daughter, who is 3, was slightly easier to please. She wants an “Ariel mermaid doll that goes in the bath.” Very cute, but we had no idea what doll she was talking about, since we have only seen the soft bodied versions on the internet and in catalogues. I did a more thorough search, and I found what I hope is the doll she requested. I will have a little chat with Santa Clause myself, I think, before the big day… What is on the wish lists for your children this year? Do you buy into the hype, or not?


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