The Ice Queen, Mother Nature, Visits Our Town

My daughters are absolutely obsessed with the Disney movie, Frozen. I know it has been around for a couple of years, but they still adore it, and will not watch anything else. So, you can imagine their delight and excitement when we set out for a walk last weekend, and discovered that everything was frozen and covered in ice. We were visiting an open day at one of the locks on the canal that runs through our town. More about that later. We soon discovered the awesome sight of trees, bushes, flowers and berries all coated in a sparkling layer of powdery ice, glittering in the winter sun. It was beautiful!


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My elder daughter and I stopped to explore the sights of the frozen wonderland around us. We found huge cobwebs that had been frozen solid and coated with ice crystals. They looked exquisite, and I can see how the seasons, and nature, influence so much fine art and jewellery design. These cobwebs were magnificent to behold, and there were long trails of them that had been frozen and decorated as they hung between skeletal branches.


I was especially enamoured with the sight of wild berries that had been frozen overnight. Their pale pink flesh had taken on a sparkling, icy texture, and they made my mouth water to look at. I didn’t want to disturb them, however, because they looked so beautiful. Similarly, I thought that the sight of bright pink petals against a white, icy backdrop was spectacular, as were the green leaves that had been edged in frost and looked like they had been dipped in icing sugar, such was the texture. Despite the freezing temperatures, it was a delightful walk.

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1 Response to The Ice Queen, Mother Nature, Visits Our Town

  1. Caron Allan says:

    Frost and snow make everything magical, and anything seems possible!

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