Autumn Leaves and Muddy Puddles

Ah, the delights of the season! Our house is descending into even more of a mess as my children and dog trample muddy leaves across the carpets, and our pushchair just looks grotty. There are some things that you don’t consider until they become an issue, and this year I am especially concerned about the mess left by squelchy, wet leaves. They get everywhere!


I could barely push my daughter to school this morning because the mulch had clogged up around the pushchair wheels, and I cannot clear it out fast enough. It doesn’t help that our route to school is lined by trees on two main pathways, and they haven’t been cleared by the council authorities. Please don’t think I’m complaining, however. I am merely commenting on the lives of a mother and her children, from our perspective.


My daughters absolutely love jumping in leaves and splashing in muddy puddles. And I love watching them do it, as long they are wearing wellies, of course. I just don’t much care for the cleaning that follows when we return home, but that is life, and we must deal with it. Fortunately, I am not house proud. But I do find myself dreaming about having one of those TV family homes, you know, where the floors are clean and the rooms are tidy, and you can settle down on a nice, plump, tidy sofa to have family time. Real life comes with a bit more dirt. But in the end, it is simply good, clean mud. Have a lovely day!


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3 Responses to Autumn Leaves and Muddy Puddles

  1. jebjork says:

    Yes! Jumping in puddles and leaves without the dirt would be great.

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