A Plea to Dog Lovers

Today I am calling out for help from those of you who are dog people. I was approached by Jasmina Samardzija, who recently moved from the UK to Serbia and has made it her mission to help rescue dogs that have been mistreated and abandoned on the streets. I am always distraught when I hear about animal cruelty, and because I have grown up with dogs, I must share her story.


“Having come to Serbia after many years of living in the UK, I was overwhelmed with a large number of homeless and abounded pets fending for themselves on the streets. It’s estimated that there are currently between 15.000 and 20.000 stray dogs on the streets of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, while at the same time animal shelters are extremely overcrowded, countrywide.

Serbia did develop a strategy for solving the problem of stray dogs several years ago.  However, the strategy hasn’t yet resulted in an improvement of the existing situation for many reasons of which the main ones have been very well described in this article:  http://straydogserbia.blogspot.rs

Maya is a homeless and abused dog I found and brought home three weeks ago. Maya is in deep physiological pain and only after an adequate rehabilitation treatment she will be able to be adapted.

So, I’ve made a video clip showing the results of the abuse Maya suffered and sent it to various dog behaviourists and dog training associations in Serbia seeking for a professional assistance.  Finally, I’ve got a positive response from God’s Dogs rescue center.

In God’s Dogs rescue centre, they will provide accommodation and the socialisation/rehabilitation treatment on daily basis for Maya to start her journey to healing. The total cost is approx. £350.

I’m only able to afford £150 and I’m asking for your support on raising those funds to give Maya the chance for a happy life. Even £1 donation is very much appreciated. Please click on the link below:


Thank you.”


It is our responsibility to care for those who are unable to care for themselves, and that includes animals, not least because it is usually humans that cause or enable their suffering and mistreatment. All we ask is for individual donations of £5 or under – that is one less takeaway sandwich or magazine, but it could mean life or death for an injured, abandoned animal.

Thank you, my friends. We can only do a small deed here and there, but it all makes a positive difference.

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5 Responses to A Plea to Dog Lovers

  1. scskillman says:

    This organisation sounds as if it may be an equivalent to The Dogs Trust here in the UK, whose work I support. It is said that a society may be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members, and that of course includes animals.For many of us dogs seem to be a special case because of their intelligence, devotion and loyalty, and for their capacity to love. But I think we have a responsibility to be compassionate, respectful and caring to all animals.Thank you for sharing this post and raising our awareness of this issue in just one country.

    • Yes I think it does. Thank you for supporting our cause, Sheila. I feel a particular affinity with dogs, so they will always take priority in my efforts, although I agree, we must care for all animals.

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