Samhain Vampire Tarot Reading

During my Samhain Halloween celebrations, I was compelled to conduct a Vampire Tarot Reading on All Hallows’ Eve. I used the Samhain spread that was kindly suggested by Priestess Tarot. Since it is the season of darkness and shadows, I used my Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night card deck. The result was very interesting!


1 – Life – What to Embrace – 6 of Coins

People want to bestow gifts upon you; accept them with grace and gratitude. They are given with love. Welcome these gifts. Appreciate them.

2 – Death – What to Let Go Of – 10 of Cups

Yours is not the average family. Indeed, you always knew, deep down, that this would happen. Be proud of your unique, quirky family life. You owe no explanation to anyone, not even yourself.

3 – My Courage – 5 of Coins

There is always hope. Yes, you feel beaten and broken. But it will pass. Your body and mind remain strong. Gather your strength. Rise up, gather your coins. They are all yours.

4 – My Fears – Knave of Coins

“Please sir, can I have some more?” Stop that now! You are in control of your journey. Take charge. Do not fear lack of resources.

5 – To Celebrate – 3 of Coins

Welcome the peace that you feel in the present moment. Yours is a world of simple pleasures, because you know that there are darker things lurking in the shadows. They cannot touch you – for now!

6 – To Contemplate – Temperance

It is all about the balance. Think about what is important right now. You can only hold two cups at the same time. Choose carefully, but always remember you can put one down and try another.

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2 Responses to Samhain Vampire Tarot Reading

  1. I like your readings – there’s always some timely advice in there! 🙂

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