She’s Not my Baby any More

Ah, motherhood is a trial, indeed. One moment we are sobbing because our babies will not stop crying and we cannot soothe them, and the next we are mourning the loss of our babies. I had such a moment earlier in the week with my youngest daughter. It was her third birthday in August, and now I am really beginning to notice how she is growing up. My toddler has morphed into a little girl.


I have to laugh at myself. I sat watching her play, and my heart fluttered as a rush of emotion washed over me. She looked so adorable, and so grown up! I had no babies. My girls are growing fast. I mean, they are still young, and I have plenty of nurturing left to do, but the “baby phase” is well and truly over in our house. It is bittersweet, because on the one hand I am ready to regain some sense of balance in my life, and on the other I am already feeling nostalgic for our baby memories. Such is the wild ride of having children. What are your experiences watching your babies grow up?

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2 Responses to She’s Not my Baby any More

  1. Me says:

    My sons are 15 and 13 now. I can’t figure out where the time has gone, but as they have gotten older I have learned to appreciate every moment with them more. People say the teenage years are hell, but I don’t feel that. What I feel is the joy of watching them be who they are and the gratitude that I get to be with them on their journey. It’s hard to feel them pulling away, but it’s exciting too. Every day I am reminded that life is all about the journey and that means theirs as well as mine. 🙂

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