A Fairy Quest in Queen’s Park, Crewe

Last weekend, my eldest daughter and I set off on a fairy quest. We took her dad and younger sister, and the dog, to Queen’s Park in Crewe, Cheshire. This is a beautiful place to visit. I love its history just as much as I love the scenery. Queen’s Park was created during the Victorian era, and I think it was intended as a recreational green space for an industrial heartland. Workers from the railway, the salt mines, and the mills and warehouses, could come to Queen’s Park for picnics and respite on their day off.


On this particular Sunday, my daughter and I were in search of fairies. She told me that she knew where the fairy trees were at the park, and so we set off to find them. We did find them. It was a magical afternoon as we discovered trees with hidden windows and doors, little fairy gardens, and lots of places for our mystical friends to hide. We talked to the fairies, I connected with the trees, and my daughters thoroughly enjoyed their adventure. This was rounded off by some playtime in the children’s park on the apparatus, and lunch at the very reasonably priced cafe.


Many of the trees at Queen’s Park are not native species. Some of them remind me of the huge, silvery trees that we saw on our holidays to the Pirin Mountains in Bansko, Bulgaria, several years ago. I wonder if the Victorian landscape architects had imported some of the trees and plants in order to design their park? I have heard that this was a process during the industrial era, and it would be interesting to learn more. However these trees and plants came to be situated in their current home, I am very glad to have such a beautiful and peaceful place to visit. It revived my senses, gave my children some fresh air and exercise, and got my husband out of the house and away from work for a few hours. Lovely!


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