My Spiritual Journey: Healing and Cleansing

My spiritual journey has been in progress for many years. I suppose it officially started about ten years ago, when I stumbled across a book in an angel gift shop that would totally change my view of life. That book was You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, and it taught me a new perspective, and how to really take charge of myself and my own life. It taught me to choose responsibility, rather than always acting as the helpless victim when circumstances seemed to be against me. I learned a lot from Louise Hay when I subsequently explored the Hay House website, read books by their other authors, listened to their radio shows, and did their guided meditations that you can find on You Tube and CDs.


More recently, my spiritual journey has turned towards that of shamanism and witchcraft. I am fascinated by the folklore of the British Isles, and have always felt an affinity with witches, seeing them not as evil old hags, but as strong, empowered women who can heal and guide those in need. My spiritual practice now revolves around the healing and care of my family and friends. I am responsible for my two young daughters. I want them to grow up with self-confidence, with faith in their own personal power, and the knowledge that they can do and achieve whatever they choose, as long as they do not harm others in the process.


My spiritual journey involves a lot of healing and cleansing, and at the moment I accept that I have to heal and cleanse myself. Throughout these years of self-study and exploration, I have performed many cleansing ceremonies on myself and others, but I accept that it is a constant cycle of care. Sometimes I become absorbed in my work as a wife and mother, or my pursuit of fame in the literary world, and I forget to care for myself as a person. Now I am being reminded to once again take a step back from the busyness of everyday life, and heal. I am studying the art and practise of Reiki, and I am amazed at what is changing within me in such a short space of time. It is a wonderful process, and I will talk about that at a later date.


How is your personal journey progressing? Do you want to share your story, or suggest other methods for healing and cleansing?


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