My Family Holiday: Poole Harbour Cruise

During the school summer holidays, we took the family away to Poole in Dorset for a week. On our first full day, we decided to embark on a Poole Harbour Cruise. Our first choice was to take the boat to Swanage, a Victorian seaside resort located on the Jurassic Coast. Unfortunately, the sea was a little choppy and the Swanage cruise was cancelled over safety concerns. So, we set off around Poole harbour on a shorter cruise that would last for just over one hour.


We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise around Poole Harbour. It was the first time our daughters had been out on the sea in a boat, and they were fascinated as they watched the waves beneath us. We saw other boats bobbing around the harbour, we saw the huge car ferry as it made a journey across the harbour entrance, and in the distance we could see the Isle of Wight.

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Our cruise took us around Brownsea Island which is owned by the National Trust, and we saw several smaller islands that are privately owned. I was mesmerised by the red coloured cliffs on these islands, and the dense thickets of trees, and I could imagine all kinds of magical and mysterious creatures that might reside on those isolated lands. We also saw the very modern and stylish Sandbanks development that overlooks Poole Harbour. These very expensive houses are owned by celebrities and business owners, as our cruise guide informed us while we snapped photographs and marvelled at the architecture.


There is something about being on the sea that invokes excitement and anticipation for me. Perhaps I am calling on ancient ancestral connections to our maritime past. Perhaps I call upon the old tales of pirates and mermaids that have captivated my imagination throughout my life. Whatever it is, I really enjoyed our Poole Harbour Cruise, and I can’t wait to go out on a boat again and explore more of the British coastline, and beyond.

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