My Summer Holidays with Kids – week #1

The first week has flown by and now we are back home from a visit to my Mum, who lives just over the border in Staffordshire, but who is largely housebound due to a chronic medical condition. I took the children last weekend and my husband left us there while he returned to work and home. Our dog had to stay just up the road with Grandma, because he does not tolerate my mum’s dog.

My Summer Holidays with Kids SpookyMrsGreen

We finally got the summer sun!

It all went a bit pear-shaped in the end. Both my daughters were ill with what I refer to as “end of term exhaustion.” There were tears and tantrums, a few minor accidents, and I did not manage to do any of the work on my computer that I had planned to do. I did a few jobs for my Mum, we managed to meet up with friends once, and there was some playtime in the garden and paddling pool.

SpookyMrsGreen on holiday

I sneaked a cheeky glass of prosecco while the children were playing!

All in all, it was quite a stressful start to the holiday, but there is a very big upside – after 5 years of borrowing my husband’s car when he is not at work, I now have my own car again, hooray! It came about very swiftly as a chance opportunity arose, and suddenly my long summer holiday alone with children does not seem quite so daunting. At least now we can go out for a drive when we get bored!

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4 Responses to My Summer Holidays with Kids – week #1

  1. Caron Allan says:

    It sounds like the normal kind of family chaos! Never mind – six more weeks of blissful, carefree days before the wonderful, peaceful first day back in September!

  2. jebjork says:

    Good news about the car and I’m sure your mum appreciated the help, even if you didn’t get any work done. Hoping for miraculously more time next week, right? 😉

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