A Healing Boost with Trinfinity8

I am very privileged to meet a lot of wonderful, inspirational people during my travels on the mind, body and spirit scene when I exhibit at festivals and events. I meet many great healers and practitioners, and experience all sorts of different tools, meditations, workshops and more in my pursuit of spiritual ascension. One such tool that I am currently exploring is Trinfinity8. It is a computer based system that uses a specially designed fractal resonator to tap in with your deep brain functions, and to release your higher self from its boundaries.

Trinfinity8 Rosemary Douglas Events

When using Trinfinity8, you sit before a laptop, and hold a crystal rod in each hand, which is the wand that directs energy where it needs to go. I had a session with this at my last mind, body and spirit event. Settling into my seat, I held the crystal wands in my hands and allowed their energy to flow into me. Breathing deeply, I focused only on the sounds of the Trinfinity8 program that played through headphones, and I closed my eyes so that I could fully immerse myself in the sensations. If you choose to keep your eyes open, there are a series of beautiful images that play on the computer screen, to assist in your healing meditation.

Chris Quartermaine Trinfinity8

I had to smile when I moved deeper into the session and sensed an angelic healer guide coming forward in my mind. He manifested as a small, round-faced man with a moustache and glasses, quite old-fashioned in my imagination. He stepped forward, shook his head, and tutted at me.
“My, my,” he said in my mind, “We have not been taking care of ourselves, have we, Mrs Green?”

Trinfinity8 Therapy

Whoops! This was a time when I had been running myself ragged trying to be wife, mother, housewife and businesswoman all at the same time, along with many other challenges. I knew instinctively that I needed some self-care, but I was still putting it off, telling myself I was too busy. During my Trinfinity8 session, I received a boost of energy and a light form of cleansing, but I know it will take a lot more to help me personally, based on recent escapades. I certainly felt better for it, however, and I like the way it works. It is hard to describe, so I simply recommend that you try it for yourself. Our next event is in Northwich on July 30th – 31st. See you there!


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