The Emotional Journey of Parenting through School

My eldest daughter has just about completed her first year at primary school. In September she will officially be in Year 1, and all of a sudden I realise what a monumental occasion this is. I mean, her reception year took some getting used to, what with the regular school run, all the events I had to attend, getting used to homework and reading books, and everything else that comes with school. But now she will be entering into “proper education.”

Today I found a letter in her school bag that was headed “Welcome to Year 1.” It gave details about what we should expect from her next year at school, their expectations for homework and reading development, and other important points. And then it hit me. I started blubbering! There I was, standing in the middle of our living room, reading this letter, and the tears welled up, and I got a lump in my throat, and it all went horribly wrong.

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My baby is growing up! She is moving into her second year at school, and before we know it, she’ll be leaving. The years are flying by too fast! All of this is not helped by the fact that at least half a dozen children from my younger daughter’s preschool are moving up to primary school in September. My toddler has almost finished her first year at preschool, and now half of her friends will be disappearing, and she will have a whole group of new friends to make as the next wave of babies grow up into toddlerhood. It never ends!

And the final nail in the coffin for this week of emotional turmoil comes from my next door neighbours. My friends’ daughter has just decided which high school she wants to apply for, and she has had her first taster days at said school, so she is now preparing for her final year at primary school, where she will be the oldest student in that place for a year, because her birthday is right at the beginning of September. All of this stress was totally unexpected, and yet I should have known, being an empath, that this would happen. Have a fabulous Summer Holiday, my parent friends!

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4 Responses to The Emotional Journey of Parenting through School

  1. Joyful2bee says:

    It will be okay. They do grow up so fast! We get older and then one day they are married and having children themselves. Hang in there. This too shall pass. Hugs!

  2. afamilydayout says:

    Just wait until she is in the last year of Primary! My son has just finished year 6 before moving onto Secondary school. Much of the summer term is spent doing things for the last time – sports day, productions and of course (big tear fest) final class assembly. I’ve no longer got children at primary school, make the most of everything while you can!

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