“How Did You Afford That?” My Frugal Shopping Secrets

We have experienced a rather tough month on the financial plane. Nothing new there, since we are still battling student debt, mortgage costs, and raising a young family on a single income. Never mind, that is a work in progress. For my part, I have been looking around for ways to save money and still allow for treats here and there. And my treat supplies currently arrive from Approved Food.

Approved Food

It is nearing the end of the month, that strange time where we are waiting for payday and plodding along with our daily chores. Some of our expenses arose from events including a family wedding, various birthday parties, and the cost of repairing our broken washing machine. My husband was rather surprised to find me eating a bar of Green & Black’s chocolate one evening when the children were in bed.

“How did you afford that?” he asked suspiciously,
“Approved Food,” I replied with a smug grin on my face.

And the best part about ordering our treats from Approved Food? I get more of them, they (usually) last longer, and my children have hours of fun playing with the empty cardboard boxes from the delivery. We now have a rather stylish convertible car in our living room!

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