Chakra Project UK

Today I would like to introduce you to Chakra Project UK. It began in 2006, when Shah’s mother, Amina, learned about the power of chakras and decided to incorporate them into her daily life. Chakras are believed to be energy centres within the human body, and they correlate with different health and wellness aspects. The 7 main chakras form a line from the base of the human spine(the reproductive and regenerative system), leading up to the crown of the head, which is where we connect to our higher selves, or our spiritual guides.

Chakra Project UK

Chakras are still very mysterious to the Western world. We are so busy with our human lives, rushing from one task to another and trying to fit in everything that we are told to do, that we forget to take care of our bodies. It is no surprise that the NHS is in crisis and that people are suffering from more and more ‘hidden’ illnesses and disabilities. We need to learn to listen to our bodies, to connect with our inner self, and take time out to be quiet and to heal. Unfortunately that is not an easy task, and I am just as guilty of ignoring my body and its needs in preference for a million other tasks that I simply must complete before a deadline.

Chakra Awareness Project

Chakra Project UK came about because Amina decided that she wanted something visual and tactile to work with while she was aligning her chakras. She used her natural talent as a seamstress and created a beautiful hand stitched banner, showing the seven major chakras in all their shining glory. Hanging on the wall in her sacred space, Amina can use the chakra banner to focus her mind and allow her own chakras to open up, to clear and rebalance when she feels the need. Her work is very popular, and now she works with a team of talented individuals to create more chakra items that can be used for meditation and healing.

Take a look at their website for more details, or visit Shah at one of the many Mind, Body and Spirit events where Chakra Project UK exhibit their wares.


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3 Responses to Chakra Project UK

  1. trishafaye says:

    I love this! Such a beautiful banner. I’m familiar with chakras and the energy work with them, but must admit I’ve been remiss at making it a regular practice in my life. I must remedy this!

  2. Flossie Benton Rogers says:

    Thank heaven for chakra work and the more subtle energies as well.

  3. Nice project; the vertical hanging banner is a lovely reminder to hang anywhere.

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