Easter Holidays and Family Time

This week I am taking some time to return home. It has been a very busy Spring term, what with our new kitchen installation, the monotonous school run, and the usual drama and chaos of young family life. Last weekend was a very magical mind, body and spirit event in Stafford, where I took my books and my didgeridoo, and made some fantastic new friends. And now it is time to slow down for a few days. We have two weeks’ holiday from school, and my daughters and I have moved in with my Mum for a break. Well, I thought we would have a break. The reality is still chaos and tantrums, but it’s all good fun.

Terrys Fabrics Curtain and Fabric Warehouse

My Mum is a crafter. She has a talent for textiles, and her home is overflowing with fabrics, knitting yarn, buttons, ribbon, felt, lace and all manner of tools and equipment. When my husband and I moved into our house several years ago, Mum took me to all of her favourite local fabric shops in search of curtain material. She then proceeded to make the curtains and blinds for our entire house. We still have them all in place, and they are fabulous, unique creations. In our bedroom, for example, we have black curtains with silver gargoyles printed all over. I think the fabric was meant for Halloween, but I liked it for my bedroom windows.

SpookyMrsGreen Gargoyle Curtains

Now our attentions are turning towards wedding planning. My sister and her fiancé are having an early summer wedding, pagan style. I have been appointed High Priestess for the handfasting ceremony. My daughters will be flower girls, along with their young cousin. My Mum has been tasked with creating flower girl dresses in the medieval/pagan tradition. She is also making a ceremonial cloak for me, hopefully this week if the children allow. I will follow up with details later… Have a great holiday, friends!


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