I don’t usually Swear, but…

I am not given to foul language. My parents raised me in a strictly non-swearing household. My dad once told me off when I came home from work one day, flopped onto the sofa, and declared that I was knackered. Yep, even that was considered a swear word!

Pay the Writer Nowadays, I have to swear sometimes. It just sort of evolved, you know? And today I learned a fabulous new insult: “toxic tickledicks” – don’t you just love it? Ha ha ha ha! My thanks for this titbit goes to Chuck Wendig, and his recent blog post entitled, “Scream It Until Their Ears Bleed: Pay The Fucking Writers”

Enough said.

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2 Responses to I don’t usually Swear, but…

  1. I remember saying ‘crap’ once when younger and my grandparents being horrified!

    • Ha ha, yes it would be about the same with my paternal grandparents. My maternal grandparents, not so much, however. My Grandad is very short tempered and says bloody a lot! 😉

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