My Latest #Bargain Shopping Obsession

Some of you might be aware that I discovered a new place to do my grocery shopping several months ago. In fact, I think it has been almost a year now. I was getting a bit bored of the same old food from my local supermarkets, but I couldn’t quite afford to buy more exotic or varied items from farm shops and similar places. We writers are notoriously cash poor, contrary to society’s perceptions!

Anyway, I found the answer via a blog I was following that is about frugal living. They recommend a company called Approved Food. This business operates by buying excess stock from large retailers and selling it on at vastly reduced prices. The items might be samples or new flavours that are discontinued, or they could be close to their “best before” dates. There is never an issue with the food, and I have had no problems with anything that I and my family have eaten since we started shopping with Approved Food.

Approved Food

I think the Approved Food model works perfectly, because I can fill my cupboards with tins and packets of ingredients that I can then mix with other foods to create family stews, hotpots, soups and other filling and nutritious meals. Approved Food also sell fresh fruit and vegetables, although the stock does change regularly, so you really have to keep an eye on the website. I signed up for their newsletter and currently order at least once a month, spending approximately £25 – £40 each time, depending on what offers they have. I like them especially for breakfast cereals, ingredients for curries and pasta dishes, and they have good offers on snacks and biscuits for the kids (and me!)

Approved Food Box House

Have you tried Approved Food yet? Well, you should. And one more thing: the boxes that are used for delivery make brilliant forts, robots, boats and castles for children. My girls get very excited when they know we have an order on its way, and my living room has now acquired its very own Approved Food toy feature. Oh, the joys of parenting!

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