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I am working through my Blogging101 assignments from WordPress, and actually this post should have been done about a week ago, but I already had a schedule in place and didn’t want to disturb the flow of my blog. So, today I will share a recent blog post from a fellow Blogging101 student, Joyful2BeeBlogs, who I feel is a kindred spirit. She wrote about her health, and one post caught my attention. My Back Talks Back was very pertinent, and it will apply to many people who read this blog.

28 Weeks

As described in the article, we often believe ourselves to be invincible when we are young. I was no exception. In fact, I didn’t really stop to think about the impact of being pregnant for the first time at the age of 28. I mean, that was a young age, and I was relatively fit and healthy. As it turned out, my petite body did handle two pregnancies within the space of three years, but not without consequences. I developed symptoms of sciatica, and lower back problems that will most likely continue to haunt me throughout my life. The advice from doctors and physiotherapists was to rest when needed, to take gentle exercise, and generally to ensure that I give my body the care and attention it needs. We are all guilty of self neglect from time to time.

Nantwich Header

Well, I’m telling you straight from the doctors: look after yourself! Nobody else will do it for you. Learn to love and respect your body, and it will serve you well. Oh, and if you happen to be near Nantwich today and tomorrow, why not come and see me at the Mind, Body and Spirit event in the Civic Hall? Your back will thank you later!

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