Get Your #ValentinesDay Romance with Mind, Body and Soul Healing

Ah yes, it is that time of year! We all publicly loathe #ValentinesDay, and yet secretly I am sure we mostly love it. Personally, I am a big old romantic soul, deep down. I try to hide it behind a tough, practical shell, but I do wish for a little hearts and flowers indulgence, romance and loving from my husband. I know he loves me, but still, a kind gesture here and there goes a long way when you are stuck in the cycle of young motherhood…

Stockport MBS Feb 2016

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that I will be at the annual Valentines Weekend Mind, Body and Spirit event in Stockport, brought to you by Rosemary Douglas. This is a very popular event, where you can indulge in some personal love and romance, serenaded by the gentle sounds of singing bowls, shaman drums, and the healing power of the didgeridoo. There will be pyschic healers, mediums, crystal therapists, holistic therapists, fairy and angel folk, and many more beautiful people to meet and make friends with. And, of course, you can see me and my books (and maybe even a brand new book, if I’m feeling generous!)

See you on #ValentinesDay for our secret date!


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