I’ve Discovered #Arbonne Beauty Products!

I recently made a new friend locally, and she just happens to be a representative for a company called Arbonne, who create fabulous cosmetics and beauty products for women who care. Their code of ethics is very high, and the products are vegetarian friendly, which is something that attracted my attention straight away. Rebecca offered a few samples for me to try, and now I am hooked!

Arbonne Product Samples

My personal favourites were the Arbonne It’s a Long Story Mascara, the Awaken Sea Salt Scrub, and the Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème. Firstly, when it comes to eye make-up, I really struggle. I have a rare genetic condition that leaves my eyes scratched, sore and extremely dry. Consequently, if I try and put make-up on, the pain increases and my eyes feel really heavy and gritty. This mascara was really lightweight, and it did not make my lashes feel sticky, which often does happen. I definitely need to add this to my make-up collection.

Arbonne Cosmetics

The Awaken Sea Salt Scrub was really refreshing, just like it says! I used it in the shower and it left my skin tingling and super-soft to touch. It smells lovely, and I could feel the aromatherapy element working for a long time afterwards. It was a similar story with the Ultra-Hydrating Hand Crème. This smells absolutely divine, and the cream feels soft and light on my skin. Some hand creams can be sticky and gloopy, but this one is perfect for regular daily use.

Discover Arbonne Poster

If you are in the Middlewich-Northwich area, then meet your local consultant, Rebecca Barry. She will advise, inform, and give you the best customer service. If you are not local to this area, she will put you in contact with the right person.

Discover #Arbonne for yourself today!


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