Crewe Steampunk Convivial

Oh, this kind of festival would be fabulous for our county! And I would be there dressed in my finest Victorian Gothic costume…

Jules Hornbrook

Steampunk (2)The gas-lit Victorian streets feeding the town square were shrouded in fog. The clank of empty beer barrels rang out from the cobbled yard behind The Crown public house. The landlord’s ornate pipe rocked rhythmically as another steam engine thundered by heading for Manchester. Theatre goers streamed out of the Lyceum foyer having enjoyed the latest burlesque extravaganza. A well-dressed couple in flowing capes entered the pub, arm-in-arm. Gothic elegance was very much à la mode.

This is make-believe, but it could be a scene acted out in Crewe in the not-so distant future. It’s very much part of the sci-fi sub-genre that is Steampunk; an amalgamation of Victorian fantasy and futurama still obsessed with steam. A festival celebrating its many idiosyncrasies could be coming to Cheshire’s engine room, hopefully across the end-of-May Bank Holiday weekend later this year.

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