Heal and Release as the Season Turns #Imbolc

A glance at social media has shown me some beautiful images of our Great Mother stretching her limbs and releasing her healing warmth back into our frozen landscape. I love those images for their stark contrast between hot and cold, sunshine and darkness.


That reflects my mood perfectly at the moment. I was plunged into the dark, cold, barren winter when my beloved grandmother died three months ago. Although we have actually had a very mild winter here in England, I have felt very cold in myself. There has been a lot of inward turmoil that even I struggled to understand.

Now we welcome the turning of the wheel as we move into Imbolc, leading us back down a joyful path towards warmth, lighter evenings, and the Spring season. I am cheered to see pretty, white snowdrops and cheerful, yellow daffodils showing their faces at long last. Some of the trees are beginning to grow delicate blossom, which is worrying because they seem to be waking too early, but I somehow feel that we need it at this time. Mother Nature has her ways. She knows what is needed. She brings us warmth, colour, and a chance to heal and release the pain and discomfort of Winter.

I leave you with two Angel Therapy Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue: the first is Cut Your Cords – ask Archangel Michael to help cut the cords that keep you restrained, and welcome the freedom and independence that you deserve. The second card is Release – again you can ask Archangel Michael for help. He can assist you as you take a brave step forward into your true life, and towards your true destination.

Blessed Imbolc, my friends!

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1 Response to Heal and Release as the Season Turns #Imbolc

  1. Spring will be very welcome after this gruelling winter!
    Timely advice from the cards, as always.

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