How do you value a book?

I cannot add anything further, except to say thank you to the author of this post. It is completely true, and I am one such artist battling to earn enough money to continue my craft…


When you hold a book in your hand, or download an ebook, do you consider how much time and effort went into creating the whole package?

Do you think about what an incredible feat of imagination it is to write a book? Or about how much time goes into editing, proof checking and formatting a book, whether it’s for anebook, paperback or hardback publication?

Do you think about the designers and artists who worked on the cover, or how someone agonised over writing an enticing back cover blurb?

Do you think about the person or team who worked on polishing and marketing the book?

A traditionally published bookcan take anywhere from a year to many years to write, and a couple of years to be published.

A self-published author not only has to write the bookbut also has to take responsibility for everything else, from editing to design and marketing.

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One Response to How do you value a book?

  1. scskillman says:

    A brilliant post, and so true. I wish all this was said and understood much more often, and much more widely – especially the last few paragraphs.

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