Get the Aloe Glow!

This week I was invited to test some products from my local Forever Aloe stockist, Juliet Morfitt. I have seen these health and beauty products on display at various Mind, Body and Spirit events that I have attended during recent years, but I never quite got round to trying them out… until now. And I have to say, I am impressed!


Juliet very kindly brought me a basket filled with goodies, and even my daughters were interested to try some of them out (they are aged 5 and 2). We tested out the Aloe and Jojoba shampoo and conditioner, which smells very nice, although it is a little too floral for my tastes. It made our fine hair very shiny and sleek, however. We also tried out the Aloe bath gel, which smells gorgeous and makes lots of silky bubbles. We also tested the Aloe tooth gel. This was something of a pleasant surprise to me, because I am generally very fussy about my toothpaste products, and so are my children. We all loved it! The minty smell is just right, the tooth gel applies very easily, and it leaves you feeling nice and clean and refreshed.

My favourite product of the week has to be the Aloe Vera Gelly. This is a topical gel that you can apply to your skin. It will sooth minor imperfections including eczema, burns, dry skin and bruises. I used it around my eyes, because I have a genetic disorder that leaves my eyes extremely dry and sore, especially during cold weather like we are currently experiencing in the UK. The gel seemed to relieve my dry skin patches almost immediately, and it left me feeling refreshed and revitalised. I also used it on my toddler when she developed a small patch of dry skin on her face. It was great!


If you would like to Get the Aloe Glow, please visit Juliet’s website and she will be glad to assist. She can offer advice on all of the Forever Aloe products, including their health drinks, fitness supplements, beauty aids and make-up. Juliet will also be happy to help if you are interested in becoming a business associate for Forever Aloe.


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