Busy Times Being an Authorpreneur! #ScribeFest

Phew! What a crazy week this has turned into! I mean, I knew it would be busy. This week we finally got to experience #ScribeFest 2015, which has been several months in the making. A lot of work and effort went into building this social event, and so far we are extremely pleased with the results. And it isn’t over yet! Tonight we have 2 events happening in local pubs (“Reel to Real” in the Boar’s Head, and “The Wonder Years” at the White Bear). Both start at 7pm, check our website for more details…

-Reel to Real- at #ScribeFest -The Wonder Years-

Anyway, I have been attending events both on a professional and a personal level. I wanted to see them in their finished glory, and I wanted to get out there and meet people. After all, that is why we hold literary festivals, when all is said and done. They offer a chance for the writers to come out of their hiding places, dust themselves off, and interact in public. But it is a daunting prospect, especially if, like me, you have been immersed in the chaos of young motherhood for the past 5 years.

Meet Catherine Green at #ScribeFest!

Last-night we held the SCRIBE Short Story Awards Evening, and what a huge success that competition turned out to be. We were amazed at the talent of our young writers, and very proud of the winners, including our very own Holly Crocker from Drinks and Bites, who won the Over-16s story category. You will be able to read all of the shortlisted and winning stories over on our website soon enough, and photos will be live on our Facebook page as well.


For now I am hastily catching up with my ‘behind the scenes’ computer work, which includes social networking and general admin, and then I am preparing for my appearance at ‘Writers in the Real World’ tomorrow in the Boatyard Artspace Gallery. Oh, and I should remember to pick up my children from school and pre-school at some point… and maybe prepare them some food for tea… yes, that would be useful! See you at #ScribeFest my friends!


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