Reporting on the Middlewich Boat Pull… and Introducing Scribe

That was a very enjoyable weekend of events! Once again, our small town has done us proud, and we had yet another fabulous time, despite the rather damp weather. I confess that I had not previously seen the Middlewich boat pull, since it took a while for me to hear about the event, and then for various reasons I was never around to watch. This weekend, however, I had no excuse, since I was there exhibiting the Redcliffe novels. And I got to hear some excellent artists perform live on stage for Middlewich Music.


It was very nice to be out and about in my professional capacity again, and now I have renewed vigour for my work. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, talking about my books, and seeing some of my favourite dedicated fans as well. Writing can be a lonely life, when we are stuck at home behind a computer screen, and often we don’t like to talk about our works in progress, for fear of ridicule, or our own neuroses of not being good enough. Sometimes we think that people simply aren’t interested. Well, I discovered that is far from the truth. And I rather enjoyed being greeted as our ‘local famous author,’ and discovering that my fans are eagerly awaiting my next book. Oh, and Middlewich folk, I promise I am writing something set on and around the canals…


Suffice to say that I look forward to our other upcoming events. I can now officially share our brand new website for the Scribe festival, and you can find us on Twitter using #ScribeFest for updates on fringe events and developments with the program. Book up early for the workshops and talks, I know you will enjoy them! It will also be very nice to work with the Middlewich Creative in the Boatyard Artspace as well. I finally got a good look at our new local gallery, and what a beautiful place it is, next to the Middlewich Narrowboats Tea Room, overlooking the canal. Apparently, the gallery is in the former office of the canal inspector.


So, keep you eyes on me for news about our future events, my friends, and it would be fantastic to see some of you in Middlewich in the near future. We have a week long celebration of books and art for #ScribeFest in October, and we plan to have more boatyard events throughout the Christmas season and at various dates throughout the coming year. And, you may even see me popping up in a Halloween event around Stoke… shh, it’s a secret!

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