What Do I Want? #LawofAttraction How to Reach Your Vibration

What do I want? What do you want? What do any of us want? There is the ultimate question, and it is one that I had forgotten about until I re-watched an episode of Hang Out With Penny on YouTube. I first came across Penny Peddie via a Google+ hangout that I stumbled across late last year. Somewhere in my travels, I learned about Michael Losier and his work teaching Law of Attraction. His words and his attitude really got my attention, because I could see the sense in what he talked about, and it is the same with Penny. We have never met. Neither of these people know who I am. But still they feel like kindred spirits, and I enjoy watching their hangout shows.

The main question that they teach is this: What Do I Want? Whenever we struggle with something in our daily lives, whether that be financial struggles, career frustration, family disputes, or anything pertaining to the nuances of being human, we seem to focus on the negative as a reaction to the problem. In fact, it seems to take an awful lot of effort to stand back and assess a situation from the outside. When we allow ourselves the time to really consider it, perhaps our problem is not so bad as it first seemed. There is always a solution. And often, the solution is to change our attitude. Instead of focusing on lack, or conflict, or confusion, why not focus on what we do have abundance of; the things that make us feel good?


So, for example, we might complain that we have no money (guilty!) That may be true for a variety of reasons, but it might also not actually be as bad as we think. I have never been homeless. My husband’s wage ensures that our essential bills are paid and that we have enough food to keep our family of four healthy and content. We can even afford luxuries like alcohol and chocolate treats. So really, what do I have to complain about. Thanks to the income we receive from my husband’s hard work, I am free to pursue my writing career, without the constraints of needing to earn a regular personal wage.

There we go. Right there is a reason to cheer up and be positive. Now that I realise my financial situation is actually pretty secure, I can stop chasing money, and just allow it to come to me naturally. I am free to be. How can you put a positive spin on your current dilemma? Try it, and if you wish to share, please tell us about it here. Let’s all get this Law of Attraction thing sorted. What Do You Want?

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2 Responses to What Do I Want? #LawofAttraction How to Reach Your Vibration

  1. What do I want? To stop wanting! 😉

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