Well, That was a Curious Turn of Events #Election2015

It is all over. The Great British public have spoken, and we are now fully at the mercy of a Conservative government. I did not vote for the Tories this time around, although I admit that when Mr Cameron first appeared on the scene 5 years ago, I was charmed and enthralled by his charisma. Now, I feel like he really doesn’t care about me, my family and my friends. He just blames us for stuff that we did not do. And he continually tells us that we have to pay. How can we pay, when we don’t earn enough money to live on in the first place? I only survive financially thanks to the hard work of my husband. Without him I literally have nothing. Not a penny. That is a frightening prospect.


I admit that I have been turning the radio off and ignoring a lot of the post-election debate and analysis. I am a bit bored of the whole thing now, to be honest. I kind of knew the Conservatives were going to do it, deep down, but a part of me kept hoping for a revelation in the UK political system. Alas, not this time. Maybe in another 5 years… I am only thankful that I voted with my heart and not my head. I chose to support the Green Party, and I stand by that decision. They are confident that their work is being recognized, and I am confident that they will grow and develop over time.


If there is one lesson I have learned during the past 5 years, it is that we must accept the passing of time. Not everything can be fixed, restructured, or changed overnight. Just because we live in a 24/7 culture, does not mean it automatically translates into the fundamental elements of life. We will see the change that we need to happen. We just have to accept that it will take a while longer, and then it will all fall into place…

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*Maggie Simpson image courtesy of Telegraph article; Green Party image via website

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2 Responses to Well, That was a Curious Turn of Events #Election2015

  1. emmacalin says:

    Catherine – Fear not! Laissez faire capitalism always ends up eating itself and its progeny by way of selfish greed. I voted GREEN knowing that it was a complete waste of my vote. Now only the voice of the Conservative party has any value having gained 37% of the popular vote I think. That is to say that 63% of the electorate are voiceless and disenfranchised. We are not quite ruled by tyrants, merely we submit to the self imposed tyranny of silent acceptance in the name of an unrepresentative democracy. Five years of doctrinaire measures lie ahead. We must submit to Conservative party dominance. Love the bankers -who are the selfless creators of wealth and despise the poor- who as we all know are low life benefit scroungers. There is always darkness before dawn. Emma x

  2. Lisa says:

    That sounds like the Republicans & Democrats here in the US. I refuse to vote for either of them since they’re backed by the big money and that’s who they’re going to make happy. So I’m in the vast minority voting for the little guys. Maybe one day it’ll make a difference!

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