Who Should I Vote For? #Election2015

The countdown has begun. We are in the final hours before voting begins for another General Election in the UK, and apparently this is going to be the most exciting election yet, according to our national media. Personally I feel a bit aloof about the whole thing. I have never been encouraged to learn about politics. It was never discussed when I was at school or college, and I don’t even remember much political talk when I went to university, and I graduated 10 years ago, so it’s still fairly recent.

Do I fall into the category of the ‘disaffected youth’ that I hear so much about? I don’t think so. I am in my early thirties, married with young children. Ours is a very normal, white, English family. At least to the outside. Our national politicians need not bother themselves with the likes of us, because we do not matter. That is how I feel. Our constituency is lorded over by the absent George Osborne. I have seen poster boards stuck up in fields all over the place, and they actually make me feel quite angry when I see them. You see, I did vote for the Conservative party in 2010. I was charmed by David Cameron. He said everything I wanted to hear. And I thought he could make a positive difference in my life.


In the last 5 years my husband has become more and more buried in his work, because we do not receive state benefits, he is the wage earner for our family, and we are still paying off debts that we accumulated since graduating from university. We have not been out of debt since we started at university, and I’m not talking about student loans. I mean the personal debt that resulted from having huge student overdrafts and credit cards that we used for everyday expenses while working full time in the years since graduating, including fuel costs for travelling, car repairs, and dental care. Then we got a 100% mortgage just before the banks collapsed, and now we are stuck in a crumbling house that we can’t afford to repair, and we cannot afford to sell and move on either.

So who will help us with this? I want to work from home, and make a proper career out of my writing. I am a very talented writer, and I do not want to see that wasted while I take a minimum wage office job or retail job that doesn’t give me any satisfaction. No. I did that already. It was not worth it. I actually want to spend time with my children while they are young. Wow! That is a shocker! I mean, so far both Labour and the Conservatives tell me that they will help me to put my children into full time daycare, so that they can pack me off to ‘a job.’ Do I not work already? Do I not already do everything that a childminder or nursery teacher would do? Evidently not. I don’t really work while I am caring for my children, cleaning the house, supporting my family and still finding time to fit some freelance writing in here and there. Oh no. I sit on my backside listening to the radio, and wonder why the hell we allow such overbearing, upper class white men to govern our lives for us, while my children run riot around me.

So, who will I vote for? Who should I vote for?

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3 Responses to Who Should I Vote For? #Election2015

  1. Emmacalin says:

    Hi Catherine, I’m still going green and so is my partner. As you know I’m fundamentally hard left but there is no candidate. I know my vote is a waste because the Tories will get in here. All the same I think the next government could be unstable and the volume of popular vote received will add a great deal of moral legitimacy to parties who do not get any seats. I just can’t vote Labour because they have betrayed socialism and just gone a slightly paler shade of Tory blue.

    • I’m with you, Emma, and I have decided to vote Green as well. It seems that quite a lot of people are in the same situation as us. Imagine what might happen if we all vote Green? They might yet have a voice this time around…

  2. Hope you got it right in the end! Enjoyed your post!

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