This is a subject I am always concerned about, especially since I am now raising two daughters into this very culture… I have experience of sexual harassment, and at the times those incidents happened I berated myself. Well, maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe we women should support each other, and maybe we can finally drag our patriarchal society out of the Dark Ages…

Jane Kenyon


I can stay quiet no longer, I have to talk about rape and the growing sexual violence towards women and young girls. It is making me sick and angry to live in a so called ‘developed, civilised and equal society’ where rape has become a word used as an insult and a compliment on campus and in the classroom; where girls are ashamed when they are raped and have so little confidence in our social justice they fail to report it; where young people think it is OK to hit a women if she nags or teases; where convicted rapists can return to their life unscathed, whilst the victims are shunned and left to pick up the pieces, alone and where in 2014 1 in 5 women will experience sexual abuse. Do I need to go on?

How have we allowed this to happen? What is going on and why…

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