A Sizzling Supernatural Summer in Cornwall #amreading

I was running through the forest on the outskirts of the Cornish town of Redcliffe. It was evening and the sky was growing dark with that smooth, silky blackness that descends gradually as night progresses. There was an eerie feel to my surroundings, where tall trees shadowed me with their heavy green branches, but I saw only light and colour. The air was clear and fresh, late summer, and I paused and breathed in the delicious scents of plant life and nature. Here, deep in the forest, I could still taste sea salt on my tongue, and I relished the sensation. It was beautiful, and I was blissfully happy.
Suddenly a man burst through the trees into the clearing where I stood, making me jump with surprise. My fright quickly turned to welcome when I recognized my boyfriend Jack standing before me. My gaze rose from the ground up, taking in the delicious definition of muscle that showed through the grey t-shirt he wore with black jeans. His skin was glowing with health, he was smiling, and his deep blue eyes were sparkling with a promise of delight and excitement. As he strode towards me I stood still, waiting for his embrace. He put a hand on the back of my head, drawing me close, and touched his soft lips to mine.




The kiss started out gentle but quickly escalated and I knew this wasn’t Jack; it was his identical twin brother Danny. I pulled away, gasping.

“Danny what are you doing?” I said breathlessly, my heart pounding, “We can’t do this!”

He laughed and spoke in a low, deep voice, with a hint of growl betraying his werewolf lineage. The sound rumbled through my body, setting off shivers of excitement that I tried to suppress.

“You know Jack will not mind, Jessica.” he said, “After all that we have been through I am sure you understand.”


Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel) is book 2 in the Redcliffe Novels series. All books are widely available online and in bookstores internationally. There is currently a special offer price on Kindle now.

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