Happy Valentine’s Day, Book Lovers!

I couldn’t resist the spirit of today, so Happy Valentine’s Day to all my friends, and welcome to my new followers! Every year I tell myself I won’t be dragged into the blatant commercialism of this day, but I always succumb. Let’s face it, even though we don’t like admitting to being soppy and emotional, most of us mere mortals will always appreciate a bit of romance in our lives.

The Darkness of Love

The Darkness of Love

Today I have a special gift to you all. My Redcliffe novels are all on a special offer price for the entire weekend. You can purchase my new novel The Darkness of Love for just £0.77, or $1.26. How cool is that? And the same applies to my first three novels in the Redcliffe series; Love Hurts (A Redcliffe Novel), Love Kills (A Redcliffe Novel) and Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel). Perfect Valentine’s reading!

Love_Hurts_A_Redcliffe_Novel Love_Kills_a_Redcliffe_Novel Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel)

Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel)

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