The Joy of Bargain Hunting

Hello and welcome to February! Our bright new year of hope is in full swing, most people will be happy to see the end of January, and we are back into the routine of work, family and play. January was a happy month for me as we celebrated both mine and my daughter’s birthdays, along with a very lovely friends’ wedding. One of my birthday treats was a visit to one of my favourite places, Dagfields Crafts and Antiques.

I love shopping. Can’t help myself, it is a pastime that makes me happy, as it does for so many other people. But you won’t often find me in out of town shopping malls or big-name chain stores. I do enjoy visiting such places, but I am far happier hunting in charity shops or second-hand markets. These places offer so much more scope for the imagination, and in the spirit of recycling, I like to reuse items where possible.


This bracelet was one of my bargain finds at Dagfields. I had been looking for a bangle recently, because for some reason I really wanted to get one. This caught my eye when I approached a cabinet full of glittering jewels. I had to have it, and at just £8 it was a no-brainer. Yes it is only what you would call a bit of cheap bling, but to be honest it’s all I need right now when there is a high possibility that my exuberant children are likely to accidentally break it before long.


One of my favourite hobbies is dolls’ houses. I only have one at the moment, and that belongs to my three year-old daughter and is very well played with. When I was a child I had my own Edwardian style wooden dolls’ house, but it was given away in the course of time. I cannot walk past a dolls’ house in a shop without stopping to admire it, and neither can my friend who accompanied me on this particular visit to Dagfields.

Imagine our excitement when we discovered this unit full of dolls’ house furniture and accessories in one of the emporiums. Oh, we could barely contain ourselves! We inspected all of the adorable little dolls and miniature furniture, and we marvelled at the tiny jars of sweets, cute little books, and all manner of curiosities. When I can afford a bigger ‘real’ house, I will most certainly have to obtain and furnish another dolls’ house. They have always captured my imagination, and now my daughter has hours of fun with her own beautiful wooden toy, and I am sure she will treasure it for years to come.

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5 Responses to The Joy of Bargain Hunting

  1. I could spend hours in a bargin shop/goodwill and find the coolest things. I love to browse the books. I usually wind up with alot of books I was too cheap to buy at the mainstream stores. It great!!

  2. scskillman says:

    Hi Catherine, we do have an Edwardian dolls house, complete with furniture, dolls, lights etc. We bought the kit and put it together ourselves and added the carpets & curtains. I don’t know whether my 19 year old daughter would be willing to part with it, though. But who knows, she may be willing to sell in a year or two, if you are still interested then!

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