National Storytelling Week

This week is National Storytelling Week in the UK. Storytelling is a way of life for all humans, whether we are aware of the fact or not. Every individual life is a story. I love stories! We are not exactly sure where the first stories came from. Some people might say that the earliest written story was the Christian bible. Others have researched the history of bards and druids in ancient pagan times, before language was translated into the form we know today.


When people mention stories today, the most common association is with books. We read novels, short stories and poems during our leisure time. But in the age of super technology, storytelling has gone viral. We now share everyday stories across social networks in the form of Facebook statuses, Instagram photos, and even the articles and links that we share with our friends and family. Every aspect of our lives becomes a story, be it the food that we eat, the products that we buy, or the places we visit.


One of my plans for 2014 is to write and publish some more short stories. I have lots of ideas, little snippets written in notebooks, and I simply have to share these with the world. How about your own story? What did you share with people today? I am always happy to hear from my readers, so please come and share your stories, whatever they may be…

*Images  courtesy of Society For Storytelling and Holiday Cottages


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