Some opportunities … short stories!

Sharing links for short story anthology competitions for my writer friends…

Writerly Debz

As you all know I wave a banner for the short story. It’s how I have learned and continue to learn the craft. Not only does it keep the writing sharp, allow you to experiment, hone your voice, short stories often lay the foundations for the longer works — which is exactly what happened with While No One Was Watching,  Colourblind and I Am Wolf!

The Paws Competition closes at the end of next week although not had that many entries so far so might have to extend the deadline — we’ll see what happens. So if you know some young writers please do share this link:

I have a conference call with Born Free today about another children’s writing project for their 30th birthday this year, so watch this space.

For the adults remember I edit for CafeLit:

Unthank Books are seeking new, experimental, literary…

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