Market to Readers, Not Writers

Something I have been contemplating recently…


I make it a point not to follow people on Twitter or G+ who constantly spam links without any type of pre-discussion. Usually, if there is some actual content there that has nothing to do with, “Check out my 5 star book ——> insertlinkhere!” I’ll read the opening, then click the link if I think it’s interesting or not. There’s nothing wrong with sharing content, especially if you think it will help other writers, but when 90% of your follow base are writers… It’s best to keep links to a minimum. Either that, or link to helpful/interesting things. Things WRITERS will find interesting. Share with writers and let them decide if they want to be your readers.

Now, you may ask, well, how do I find readers when most of my followers are
writers? Well, I have a list for that:

    Just like authors/writers have writer-tailored hashtags…

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