Blessing the Land and Honoring Those Who Went Before Us ~

I would like to share this inspiring story about working with our ancestors to clear negative energies when they gather in specific places…

Blessing the Land and Honoring Those Who Went Before Us ~.

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2 Responses to Blessing the Land and Honoring Those Who Went Before Us ~

  1. SC Skillman says:

    This account is fascinating. Shamanic wounded healers are mentioned in my own new novel “A Passionate Spirit”, and my story is closely connected to “the spirit of place”. I am aware of this idea of “negative energies in a specific place” in different spiritual traditions too. Two that come to mind are firstly, Aboriginal spirituality, which is profoundly connected to place, and to the human history of that place, through the concept of “spirit ancestors”. Secondly, in the Christian tradition too there is a recognition of “wounded group histories” and the need for “healing of memories” (through the work of Russ Parker of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation). Ghost phenomena, or “psychic recordings” lingering around a particular location, are also relevant to all this. Thank you for re-posting this intriguing account!

    • You are welcome Sheila, and thanks for commenting! Yes, I can see parallels with the psychic recording phenomena, and in previous years I have visited sites and buildings where I felt the negative energy that was festering and needed help to move on. I even joined in with some clearing work on a few occasions, but that was with mediums and seance scenarios rather than Shamanic healing. I find it fascinating, and your new book sounds interesting too!

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