Blog of the Year 2012 – I’ve been nominated!

I have been nominated for a Blog of the Year 2012 award, how exciting! A huge thank you to Debz Hobz-Wyatt for the honour, it is a lovely Christmas present.

Blog of the Year Award 1 star thumbnailThe idea of this award is to pay it forward and show appreciation for our fellow bloggers. We spend a lot of time practising our craft, and our intention is always to provide something entertaining, informative and accessible to our readers. I will list my nominees below, but it doesn’t stop there.

You can collect stars! I have received 1 nomination and subsequently 1 star. If I am nominated again by somebody else, I can collect more stars, to a grand total of 6. What a fun game! There is also a dedicated Facebook group for bloggers of the year, see here.

6-stars-imageAnd now, here are my nominations for Blog of the Year 2012. I follow a lot of blogs, but I have narrowed down a selection of those that I have especially enjoyed recently.

S.C. Skillman – A fellow author and explorer of the spiritual path, her posts are always fascinating and interesting.

Oscar Sparrow – An inspiring poet and avid supporter of the world of Indie writers.

Habisha (Deborah R. Turner) – A fellow author offering words of advice and encouragement.

Alex Laybourne – A fellow author who has become something of a ‘pen friend’ during our interactions, his blog is both entertaining and varied with a slant towards his favourite horror genre.

Congratulations everyone, and Merry Christmas!



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5 Responses to Blog of the Year 2012 – I’ve been nominated!

  1. Thank you Catherine, I am speechless, that makes two stars for me. Thank you for thinking of me.

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