Working with Angels for Spiritual Growth

After a few rather momentous events during meditation and astral travel at the weekend, I am once again working with my beloved Angels as spirit guides and guardians. I began working with them consciously about five years ago, when I determinedly set off on my spiritual path to true awakening and understanding.They have always been around me, even when I wasn’t actively looking, and now we are aligned in perfect union, and I am incredibly happy as a result.

Today I asked the Angels to give me three cards from the Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck. Here they are, with daily guidance for all who stop by:

The energy of crystals supports you and helps with your present situation. According to the accompanying guide book, this card has dual meaning. I am drawn to the second meaning. There are people in the human world who present a personality that is gentle, softly spoken and a lover of animals. This is me! It is probably also you, or someone close.

The angels are helping you lovingly speak your truth. This card definitely resonates with me at this time. All my life I was conditioned to be quiet, subservient and agreeable to others. I never dared speak my mind because I feared conflict. Now I am embracing my power, believing my truth, and will live my life in the way that I choose, and nobody else. Will you do the same?

Honor and respect your deep sensitivity, as it is a gift to us all. Ask the angels to steer you towards kindred spirits, those people like yourself who do not like conflict and who live peacefully in love and warmth. It does not make you weak. It makes you wise. Trust your natural instincts. The angels are here with you, and I for one, am finally accepting them and myself.
Well, that all came together pretty well didn’t it! After I laid out these cards and consulted the guide book for more divination of their meanings, I felt a warmth and sense of power that has been growing in me all year. The energetic shift of 2012 is in full swing. We recently experienced a rare and beautiful Blue Moon. What more can we do, once we allow our true nature to come forward and guide us?

As one final message, here is a card that fell to the floor when I drew the others from the pack. I think it is important to honor everyone, including all spirit and elemental energies.

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